Monika Olejniczak

Company  Johnson & Johnson Medical Companies

Activities worldwide:

Johnson & Johnson company has been founded in 1886 in New Brunswick, NY. Headquarters is n the same place until now. JnJ consist of over 250 firms placed in 57 countries, but products of JnJ are available in 175 countries. Company operated in wide health care sector, starting from beauty cosmetics, through pharmaceutical business to sophisticated medical technology saving or restoring people’s lives. Few brands: Johnson’s Baby, Penaten, Sudafed, Nicorette, Nizoral, Tylenol, Vision Care, DePuy, Ethicon. JnJ employes over 110 000 employees, has over 60 Mld $ annual turnover. JnJ is a market leader in healthcare industry.

Activities in Poland:

Established in Poland in 1989 as sales and marketing organization. Employes over 500 employees in all 3 sectors. Have leader position in many brands.


  • Education Warsaw University, MCS in Human Resources


  • Course of career

HRD in JnJ since 2009

HRD in Citibank 2004 – 2008

HR Business Partner in Hewlett-Packard 1997 – 2004

  • Some achievements

JnJ – reorganization of main businesses, business model changes support and post merge integration processes management in 2012-2013

JnJ – building organizational capabilities for Emerging Markets, reorganizations – 2011-2012

JnJ – Organizational Culture Change – project from 2009

JnJ – Emerging Markets growth strategies – coordination of involved Talents Development – 2010

Citi – establishing & development of two Citibank branches in Poland: operations shared service centers for Western Europe and USA 2006-2008

  • Languages

Polish – native

English – fluent

  • Personal details

One child – 14 Y daugher

  • Hobby

Sport, yoga, meditation, travelling