Mirosław Skiba

Mirosław Skiba assumed the position of Management Board member in charge of Retail Banking Division on  July 27th, 2008. He is a graduate of Poznan University of Technology and Poznan University of Economics. He completed a number of training courses in banking and management in Poland and abroad, including the Senior Management Programme at the Swiss Finance Institute in Geneva.

He commenced his career in the Bank in 1992 in the structures of branch banking. In 2002 he took a position of the Head of Macroregion Poznań and then of Macroregion Warsaw. In 2008 he was appointed as the Management Board member.

Mirosław Skiba is in charge of Branch Banking, Individual Customers’ Segment Area, Affluent Customer Segment Area including Private Banking. He is also responsible for Multichannel Banking Area, Investments and Insurance Department as well as CRM Department.

Mirosław Skiba is a member of several committees of the Bank Zachodni WBK, including Provisions Committee, Information Management Committee , ALCO. He is also a member of  Supervisory Board  BZ WBK Leasing SA, Supervisory Board  BZ WBK AVIVA and  Chairman of  Supervisory Board BZ WBK TFI.