Małgorzata Walczak

Entrepreneur and Investor

Co-founder of SANS, DIOXIDE – modern fashion brands based on natural fabrics and upcycling. Business Angel in VERSUM (SaaS). Małgorzata has 20 years professional  experience (operational and general management at the positions of CEO in in large companies); 10 years experience in VC market Poland and CEE. She created ENEA Innovation Venture Capital Fund (the first CVC fund focused on multi-stage investments in energy sector in Poland), before that she was the founder of  multi-stage VC fund constisting of two VC Funds: WinVentures (60 M PLN) and WinQbator  (11M PLN) where she was Managing Partner. In 2007 she created first VC Fund in Poland with private and public funds – HelixVenturesPartners (40M PLN) together with MCI and National Capital Fund (KFK), being as well Investment Partner in MCI. Before that she run the project in UNDP Moldova as an Investment Broker – GSB (Growing Sustainable Business for Poverty Reduction) focusing on wine, IT and wool sector in Moldova and Georgia.

Co-funder of fashion company ZIEŃ (exited in 2013); Investor and Business Angel.

Małgorzata holds an MBA from University of Minnesota and Warsaw School of Economics, Master Degree in Cultural Studies fro University of Warsaw, D.E.A. from Sorbonne University (Paris VII, III) Journalism and Political Science Warsaw University.  Speaks fluent 5 languages.