Karolina Zapadka

Dr Karolina Zapadka is a Biotech Business Developer, Physical Science Consultant and Physical Chemist. Her academic work includes a double research Master diploma in Chemistry with a specialisation in Spectroscopy and Photochemistry from Jagiellonian and Lund University, a Ph.D. from University of Cambridge in Biophysics, Peptide Stability & Aggregation and Postdoctoral work between University of Cambridge and MedImmune. Karolina has a scientific background in a number of areas, including metabolic disorders, pharmaceutical product development, biologics stability & liquid formulations, protein self-assembly, cancer diagnostics, and polymer chemistry. For the past 8 years, she has been actively involved in Cambridge cluster, working for 2 years in the Cambridge based emerging biotech company Arecor. After industry, she went on to pursue a PhD at Chemistry Department, University of Cambridge. Karolina was funded by the Formulation Group in MedImmune. Working there for more than 5 years, has given her experience in Big Pharma. Moreover, Karolina has extensive experience in valorisation of research outcomes in life science & healthcare together with business development in the private and non-profit sectors. She lead successful high performance teams of up to 120 people in innovation in 15+ projects in a number of non-profit organisations. During this time, she has established, managed, and maintained a strong relationship of trust with different partners regionally, nationally, and internationally. Since early 2017 she has been Chief Executive and name partner of KLZ Consulting, which provides technical and strategy consulting services. Here, she worked on number of consulting projects for biotech companies, science parks and business schools.