Jaroslaw Trzaskoma

Channel Director, Dell Sp. z o.o.

Jaroslaw Trzaskoma is an experienced manager, well-versed in building and managing sales structures in Polish and foreign companies.

As a Channel Director at Dell he is responsible for proper functioning of the company’s partner channel, i.e. for B2B relations in Poland. He manages a team of over a dozen specialists. His main goals are growing the company’s market share in individual product categories and increasing the number of active channel partners, not to mention such obvious targets as achieving sales and margin plans.

Many years of work, backed up by numerous successes, testifies to his effectiveness in using marketing tools and sales techniques to achieve the assumed goals. Work in international corporations, i.e. Dell and IBM, at various managerial positions, made him acquainted with business cultures around the world. He successfully uses the experience gained abroad (in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) in the local market.

Jaroslaw also has experience in managing Polish companies. As Managing Director of Kross and Techmex, he contributed to their significant development.

Apart from broad professional experience, he also has a university degree in management. He has completed an MA degree at the Department of Management of the University of Warsaw, as well as post-graduate Management Studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. During his work, he has also participated in numerous training courses, in Poland and abroad, devoted to managing personnel and organizations.

Jarosław likes spending time with his family, he is interested in cooking and discovering new flavours – especially in Italian cuisine.