Dorota Zbońkowska

Account Executive in Dell EMC Poland

Dorota believes that life becomes better only when you become better.

Dorota is an Account Executive at Dell EMC Poland for over 10 years. She graduated Management and Marketing at Leon Kozminski Academy in Warsaw, specializing in Human Resources Management.

In her over 20 years of professional career, she has always been involved in sales. She gained her experience and perfected her skills working both with commercial clients and with the public sector.

For the last 3 years in Dell EMC she’s managed to work with a group of global customer. She successfully pursues her goals and everyday hard work improve in the role of trusted advisor for customer. Thanks to her sales achievements in 2016 she became a best salesperson of the year in DellEMC worldwide. Previously in Dell she’s responsible for cooperation with partner companies and for 5 years worked with customers from Central Government and Higher Educations.

In the past she worked at Euro-Zoo So. z o.o. where she was Supervisor Cash&Carry Shops. She was responsible for retail sales development and coordinated work of 6 people.

In free time she loves to read crimes, is interested in healthy eating and cooking, currently she developing her passion for renovating old furniture. She also plans to start studies with interior design.