Open Mentoring Programme

Since 2010 Vital Voices Poland have conducted five mentoring programs for Polish women who want to become leaders, take responsibility and change the world.
During a two-week program Mentors, both women and men of high standing and in leadership positions, successful in business and politics, share their experience and help aspiring and entrepreneurial women, the Mentees, spread their wings and become leaders in their own environments and communities.

What does the Vital Voices Program look like? It is an intensive period of time with 14 days of exhaustive training, lectures and workshops, from early morning often to a very late evening. Mentees spend four days “job shadowing” their Mentors at their companies’ offices. There are also numerous meetings with women in politics, businesswomen and  women bearing a large impact on events both in Poland and abroad. There is also a Media Training, a mini MBA course and networking events around the clock.

Who should attend such training?

Women who:

  • Own their individual businesses or work in corporations, NGOs or government institutions
  • Have had a minimum of 7 years of an active professional career;
  • Have a strong incentive to develop their leadership potential;
  • Are fluent in English
  • Are or have been involved in pro bono work

Information regarding recruitment appears on the News page of our website and on our Facebook profile.

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