LeadersIN is a closed Cross-Company Mentoring Program coordinated by Vital Voices and connecting emerging business women leaders – Mentees – with more senior leaders – Mentors – to facilitate mentoring and an exchange of best leadership practices.

As the implementing partner of the Program, Vital Voices Poland designed LeadersIn to:

  • Equip emerging women leaders with critical business and leadership skills
  • Enable a two way exchange of best leadership practices
  • Provide mentees with access to senior business leaders and to networking opportunities
  • Inspire mentees to use their newly acquired skills and knowledge to “pay it forward” in their own working environments

The first edition of the LeadersIN Program took place between November 2015 and June 2016 and was designed for 11 global companies operating in Poland. The participating companies, , in alphabetical order were: Bank BPH, Citi Service Center, Coca-Cola HBC, Dell, Deloitte, Google, JLL, MetLife, Microsoft, Rothschild & T-Mobile.

The second edition of the LeadersIN Program took place between October 2016 and June 2017 and boosted the number of participating organizations to 19, in alphabetical order: 3M, Amgen, BPH, Burda Media, Citi Handlowy, Citi Service Center, Coca Cola HBC, Dell, Deloitte, DHL, Google, J&J, JLL, Metlife, Microsoft, Rothschild, T-Mobile, TVN and the  Żywiec Group.

All the companies ran internal recruitment processes to nominate and select the most eligible  women leaders from their organizations. The selected Mentees were often part of those companies’ Top Talent and on succession planning paths.

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