Global Mentoring Walk

The Global Mentoring Walk is a remarkable initiative taking place on the same day in several countries around the world in celebration of the International Women’s Day. Vital Voices have held Walks in Poland since 2012.

The idea behind the Global Mentoring Walk is fairly straightforward – established leaders meet women aspiring to their roles for a walk, during which they share thoughts on professional challenges, learn about each-other’s experience and build the mentee-mentor relationship.

This walk can mark the start of a very long and  inspiring relation that will enrich the participants  and their perspective as leaders, and will  bear fruit in the future.

The idea of the Global Mentoring started in 2008 with a decision by a very smart woman – Geraldine Laybourne.  She decided to get more exercise and begun  regular walks in New York’s Central Park.  To walk with her, in a form of an informal meeting, Geraldine invited young women seeking advice about how to break into the media sector. This small step marked the beginning of a global movement: the idea and willingness to find the way and time to give advice and share knowledge with people, who are looking for advice.

The polish edition of the Global Mentoring Walk has its own motto „Walk the Change” – the phrase coined by one of the participants – Monika Sońta.

Daria Mejnartowicz and Agnieszka Anielska have been the initiators of the Global Mentoring Walk in Poland – both women took part in global programmes and initiatives offered by Vital Voices and decided to introduce this idea to women in Poland.

Please follow our YouTube and Facebook profiles to see more information on previous editions of the Global mentoring Walk.

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