The Idea of Mentoring

Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor and a mentee. The idea of mentoring in principle has the mentee drawing upon the knowledge and skills of a more experienced person, but practice has shown that a mentoring relationship is usually mutually beneficial. Both sides learn from each other, inspire each other and have the opportunity to look at their daily responsibilities from an entirely different perspective.

Mentoring starts with you
It is you who could be a part of Vital Voices as a mentee! Maybe you already are a leader in your environment, or maybe you are only starting on the path to becoming one – you’re active in business, politics or you support others through your initiatives. The important thing for Vital Voices is that you are aware of the problems around you and strive to do something about them.

Vital Voices invests in leaders
We begin with a meeting. For us it is important to understand what actions you have undertaken in your community, what you have done to promote change in your immediate environment, to make it a better place to live and work in. If we see sincerity and potential – we invest in you!. We will offer training, workshops and mentoring – knowledge to make your actions more effective. We will introduce you to an experienced leader, one with experience in your area, who will become Your Mentor. They will show you how and what to do to be effective and achieve your goals. You will receive priceless support and be reassured that you are not alone in your undertakings.

Leaders multiply – the strength of Vital Voices
Through mentoring you achieve knowledge and develop skills which you can pass on to your own mentee in the future. You will be able to inspire the next generation of women to act and uncover their abilities and strengths. Leaders multiply. Such a system facilitates progress and lends itself to achieving a larger number of women in senior positions, engaged in business, politics and social matters.

Vital Voices promotes leaders
Vital Voices not only encourages women to be active, but also promotes and publicizes their activities. It supports those women who are actively working to change the world.

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