Marta Kamionowska

Director, Financial Services, Deloitte Poland

Marta joined Deloitte Real Estate team in 2011 to set up a Real Estate advisory team. She has more than 12 years’ experience in real estate management and valuation services. She has good understanding of property operational aspects, as well as of the efficient space management both from owner and tenants’ perspective.

The combination of management and valuation experience is unquestionable value added in the process of property revenues and costs analysis. Through the process of risk identification and alternative options search Marta looks for optimal solutions. Marta focuses on opex structure, opex reconciliations and optimizations.

Marta’s professional qualifications:

  • Polish Certified Property Valuer
  • Licensed Property Manager
  • Member of RICS, RICS Polska Board member.

MENTOR: Jacek Traczyński, Commercial Marketing Manager, Dell

Marta Kamionowska

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