Jowita Michalska

Chief Marketing Officer Poland and Czech Republic

At the beginning of 2016, Burda International created new position – Chief Marketing Officer for Poland and Czech Republic, which was taken up by Jowita Michalska on January 18th 2016.

Creating CMO position in Burda’s structure is one of the elements of digital transition of every area of Burda’s activity. Jowita Michalska will be one of the key people responsible for caring our business through the digitalization process and search for new business models.

Jowita Michalska is a manager with almost 20 years’ experience on business strategy, marketing and media markets.

She was responsible for award-winning advertising campaigns such as launch of Heyah or Plus. Then she worked as advisor to the CEO and Marketing Director of Polish Energy Group (PGE) engaged in the process of  brand strategy, restructuring, customer service, purchasing strategy, motivation systems. For the past year and a half as CEO of the consulting firm Future Tech she dealt with the impact of technology on building business models, new consumer and its impact on the economy and marketing in the era of social media.

She is also Managing Director of Foundation for education in the area of new technologies in cooperation with Warsaw School of Economics.

Jowita Michalska: „Now it’s a perfect time for digital transformation. The longer we wait the harder it becomes. Over the next decade companies, industries and the whole economy will be subject to transformation under the influence of flooding technological innovations. . I am happy that Burda is already ready to go through this process, I very much hope that as a company we will be pioneers in this area, not only in Poland but also in Central and Eastern Europe”.


MENTOR: Marek Metrycki, Deloitte

Jowita Michalska

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