Barbara Słomkowska

Senior Banker, Director

Barbara is Senior Banker and Director of Citi Handlowy’s  Global Subsidiary Group (GSG) and Regional Account Manager with responsibility for Citi’s strategic international clients.

Barbara has 22 yrs. of experience in finance. She joined Citi 18 yrs. ago and had various roles within Corporate and Investment Banking area. As far as P&L primary responsible for revenue targets and meeting business efficiency measures. Her experience in banking is predominately related to people management and project management, such as: long-term project financing, structured finance transactions, business acquisition, development of transactional business, oversight end-to-end sales and credit processes, structured tailor-made product offerings.  This spans to clients working in various industries, like: construction, automotive, pharma, branded consumer, retail, ect..

Prior to Citigroup, worked 4 yrs. for Price Waterhouse, in Corporate Finance Dep.  As Consultant was advising on valuations of  RE businesses and project developments.  In charge for project management, feasibility analysis, valuations and securing financing for these projects.

MENTOR: Krzysztof Kwiecień, Deloitte

Barbara Słomkowska

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