Anna Stando

Industry Manager

My professional experience is strictly connected with online advertising.

Just after finishing university I have started working for publisher IDG, where I was responsible for online advertising in all 27 IDG’s services. I have grown with this publisher in line with the internet advertising growth in Poland.

I have created the agency sales team from the scratch, when I was leaving IDG there was 3 sales, 2 traffickers one marketing support and me in the team.

After 11 years there was a time for a change, and I have started working for Gemius.

For over 3 years I was responsible for target fulfillment for standard Gemius product – Audience, in Poland known as Megapanel. I was cooperating with local Country Managers and JICs (Joint Industry Committee – in Poland PBI) in term of product development and target’s fulfillment.

I have also short experience in email marketing sector, but too short to be called an expert.

In Google I am responsible for cooperating with big agencies and their clients and supporting them with reaching their marketing goals with Google products.

Privately I am a mum of 4 children, so I can truly say I am working two jobs, because in the afternoons I have a lot to do with my private team.

I cook and bake rather on weekends, but every day I do the homework and do advice in school-friends important matters.

I cycle, swim, and I have just started learning hockey.

In summer I love kayaking.


MENTOR: Wojciech Obidziński, Coca-Cola HBC

Anna Stando

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