Anna Paulina Rekosz

Head of Corporate Strategy, T-Mobile Poland

Anna Paulina Rekosz is Head of Corporate Strategy at T-Mobile Polska, one of the biggest mobile operators in Poland. Her key area of focus is corporate development including defining growth scenarios, designing operating model, spectrum and technology strategy, but also partnering with other operators and both organic and inorganic growth options. During her career, while working at KPMG and Accenture, Paulina acted as an external consultant to top and middle-tier management from telco, postal, gas & oil sectors, currently advising internally at T-Mobile with both local and headquarter exposure. She used to lead the strategic projects related to e.g. strategic growth options, spectrum acquisition, B2B growth strategy, functional separation of a telco incumbent, regulatory roadmaps and wholesale strategy. She was also involved in the ground-breaking deal for radio network sharing between T-Mobile and Orange.

MENTOR: Jarosław Kuśmierek, Engineering Site Lead and Manager, Google

Anna Paulina Rekosz

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