Aleksandra Romaniec

Professional Education Manager

Aleksandra is the Professional Education Manager for Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices in Poland and the Baltics. Since January, she has led the Professional Education Team in DePuySynthes and Ethicon (five people). Responsibility focuses on strengthening AO Foundation`s relationship to deliver best in class educational forums and coordinating education in local activities.  She has been with J&J since 2012 having previously spent four years with Synthes (now DepuySynthes).

Experience includes over seven years as a Sales Consultant at DePuySynthes in both craniomaxillofacial and thoracic surgery and two as the Thorax and CMF Product Specialist responsible for products portfolio, budget, planning and execution.  An annual distinction for the best sales performance in 2014 followed.  Aleksandra has also operated as the trainer of the CMF team (three interns) which includes recruitment.  She is an enthusiast of newly advanced solutions for osteosynthesis and sales innovations.

As the Polish ‘Operation Smile’ Ambassador and stakeholder responsible for increasing awareness and fundraising, she is committed to creating solutions in enhancing proactiveness and ownership in fellow employees into delivering the highest level of satisfaction and happiness among children.  This year saw Aleksandra volunteer for the first time for the charity on a mission which took place in a hospital in Zomba, Malawi.

Before joining the corporate sector, Aleksandra worked in the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police. She was also involved in the identification of persons based on fingerprints. Aleksandra is a graduate of the University of Wrocław`s Faculty of Natural Sciences and Specialization of Human Biology.  After her studies she was a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology (human skeletal system). At the same time, she was managing the department`s library and custodian to the Museum of Man.

Aleksandra is a mother to five-year old Kalina.


MENTOR: Andrzej Borczyk, Grupa Żywiec

Aleksandra Romaniec

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