Agnieszka Dudek

Project Portfolio Office Manager, T-Mobile Poland

Agnieszka Dudek  is an experienced manager in telco industry.

As a Project Portfolio Office Manager in T-Mobile Polska, she is responsible for the coordination and governance of project management process, covering decision making, prioritization, budget control and monitoring of projects’ realization.

Additionally, having second function of  PanIP Transformation Officer  in the global  Deutsche Telecom program, she coordinates in the local entity all activities related to migration from current production model to the future centralized  one – based on IP technology.

Agnieszka has also big experience in the procurement and logistics areas. For many years she was responsible in Era and later on in T-Mobile for the procurement and distribution of mobile terminals to the sales network.  Dealing with many suppliers on both local and international basis, she improved negotiations skills but also ability to achieve compromise.  The next step in gaining experience in international cooperation was active participation in DT Procurement Group and dealing with Buyin representing interest both DT and Orange telecoms.

MENTOR: Romaniuk Małgorzata, Dyrektor Wykonawczy, BPH

Agnieszka Dudek

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