Agnieszka Bieniak

HR Director

Agnieszka Bieniak has 14 years of experience in corporate HR. She has overall responsibility for strategic HR projects and for all HR aspects (SSC) including payroll and personnel administration, recruitment, development, employer branding and communication. She is strategic and goal oriented leader and  enthusiastic and optimistic person. Currently Agnieszka works on a position Chief Human Resources Officer in Burda in Poland. Before she worked as a Human Resources Director for Grupa Pracuj SA where she built all HR department and implemented all HR processes. She started her work in HR in adidas company where she worked as a HR Manager. Agnieszka is also certified coach (Erickson Professional Coach). She provides expert statements to the HR press and shares her experience at conferences. She has experience in the development and implementation of HR solutions, supporting the development and efficiency of the organizations. She can effectively works with members of the boards and with employees. In the current work she pays special attention to communication and building positive company employer branding. As a manager she presents a holistic approach to employee development. In 2013, she won the 2nd place in the competition Play Top HR Manager.

MENTOR: Stacy Meyer, J&J

Agnieszka Bieniak

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