Monika Godzinska

Executive Director, Bank BPH

Leader with a broad experience in various business areas: finance, accounting, operations, project management and business productivity in the banking sector. She started her career as chief accountant, then moved to Alstom Power to Finance Department. She decided to join GE Money Bank 11 years ago starting in purchasing team. Over 11 years she changed roles and divisions, developing in the banking sector. She was budget controller, productivity leader responsible for leaning the business and project management office leader. Since 2013 she is financial controller (Accounting and reporting department director) of Bank BPH. On the top of her business fascinations she is eco imagination leader in Bank BPH fighting with the community of volunteers for saving our planet.

She graduated from the University of Economics in Poznan, faculty of Finance and Accounting.  Chartered accountant since 2011. Lecturer of finance and accounting. Participant of various corporate leadership programs.

Monika Godzinska

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